hygiene of teeth at all times

As it is known to save up teeth, it is necessary to apply regularly tooth-paste which struggles with bacteria, strengthens gums and puts a powerful barrier to the worst enemy to caries. our primogenitors did not know about existence of calcium, fluorine and other components, but to have healthy teeth wanted not less ours. and consequently small short steps in centuries went to creation of without what today we cannot adequately meet new day tooth-paste.

The requirement to brush teeth is inherent not only to the person. for the lack of a tooth-brush the fauna uses improvised (underfoot) means. cracking wood of special bushes or trees, animals provide not only mechanical clearing of teeth, but also supply of an oral cavity by vitamins. so, in fauna the oaks which bark perfectly strengthens gums use great popularity. primacies as also it is necessary to them evolution, have gone further the others they use a certain analogue moderncracking lianas, they split them on fibres, and then, being happy owners of a five-fingered extremity, arrive with them the same as we with a tooth thread.В новостях сегодня: блузка шелковая в деловом стиле|40 е мода, это и многое другое.|публикации, публикации|ознакомьтесь:

Animals concern a problem of care of an oral cavity where more seriously us: They brush teeth after each food intake. in any directory of the beginning dog breeder you will read that the puppy since the childhood after each feeding needs to give carrot, and also not to forbid to gnaw a stick, differently problems with teeth in the future are provided.

Theoretically the person too can reach mechanical clearing of teeth by eatinghowever we practically do not use firm food and, besides, our saliva possesses insufficient disinfectant properties

The person since ancient times thought out different adaptations. indians of the maya, for example, regularly chewed pitch of relic plants. ancient germen chewed mixed with honey wool. most close to modern tool practice have approached in the african tribes after each food intake teeth was carefully cleaned by means of a stick which was turned from roots of the trees containing substances.

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