ancient tooth-pastes

With civilisation development inquisitive human mind invented all new ways of care of teeth. so, in the written sources of ancient egypt dated of 5000-3000 bc, the recipe of enough suspicious means on care of teeth is described. Its structure included ashes of interiors of a bull, pumice and wine vinegar. Under assumptions of the scientists, the received mix should be rubbed in teeth by fingers. and here in ancient india toothbrushing carried to religious practices. the buddha, appears, was engaged in active propagation not only the doctrines, but also tooth hygiene. in particular, advised to use a stick for teeth from god sakka as a part of hygienic charitable ritual.orthomol, audio flavon m glaukom|Монталь Ваниль абсолю на|Судьба, статус смешно.

Ancient greek canons of beauty along with a proportional combination of a forehead, a nose and a chin, assumed equal, pearl teeth. wishing to keep teeth in this condition, greeks used mixes of ashes, a stone powder, oyster bowls, pounded glass and wool. for rinsings took the salty water of aegean sea promoting strengthening of gums

And today in some hotels of greece on a dressing table you can meet salty water. if it causes in you bewilderment, any employee of hotel, having flashed a smile, will explain that For the greek the best tooth elixir sea water.

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