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What reasons ?

Inflammatory processes in language can be both an infection consequence, and symptoms of more serious, system disease. distinguish a sharp and chronic clinical course. at language inflames, changes its colour, structure. started leads to formation of papillomas - outgrowths on a language fabric.

At local infections cause bacteria and viruses (including a herpes virus), and development of infectious process is promoted especially by burns, mechanical traumas of language and a mouth. it is proved that the risk factors provoking developmentnicotine, alcohol, hot food, hot spices, and also allergic reactions to tooth-paste, oral cavities, caramel are. glossit -,


Burning, a language inflammation.
Language gets brightly red or claret colour.
At an anaemia language becomes covered by pale touch.
Language can increase in sizes and become soft.
Difficulties are observed at chewing, swallowing, speech.

Whether it is necessary to address to the doctor?

If you have faced one or several symptoms set forth above, and they have not disappeared within days, you necessarily should go on an appointment. consultation of the expert is necessary also if you had difficulties with processes of inhalation of air, swallowing or speech.


In the presence of symptoms it is necessary for you to address to the doctor. the stomatologist will examine area of an inflammation of language, will find out presence or absence of papillomas, will ask necessary questions for identification of the reasons of the developed infection or will appoint necessary analyses for revealing of system disease.

Atcaused by infectious-inflammatory processes, it is necessary to eliminate treatment, whenever possible, the infection activator. the modern medicine has enough of effective medicines for successful therapyas a rule, treatment of an inflammation of language does not mean hospitalisation of the patient, except for especially hard cases.

First of all, it is necessary for you to give particular attention to hygiene of an oral cavity. brush teeth not less than two times a day with use of qualitative tooth-paste which will be advised by the doctor.

Besides observance of rules of hygiene of an oral cavity it is often necessary to resort to special means, and not only for treatment of a sharp phase of disease but also to slow down or stop development of serious complications.

Apply various preparations: antibiotics, resolvents, local

Anti-inflammatory steroids (, ) use for elimination of symptoms of an inflammation and simplification of food intake, speech and breath processes. this group of medicines has strict indications and contra-indications, and is appointed only the doctor.

After identification of the activator of disease the doctor will appoint to you an antibiotic or the preparation influencing given group of microbes.

One of modern, defensible methods of treatment is the way of a solution of a problem allowing not only to gain medical effect, but also to promote the prevention of development of relapses. are with that end in view appliedpreparations of this group make active protective forces of a mucous membrane of an oral cavity. operating through system mechanisms, they promote strengthening to activity ( - capture and neutralisation of bacteria by cages of immune system), to maintenance increase in a saliva of special enzyme -known for the bactericidal activity, to stimulation and number increase the cages responsible for development of antibodies.Новости, заодно посмотрите на сайте.|вот оно как бывает:|Изобретения, детали Изобретения.|Космос, перейти на текст.

Preventive maintenance

As it is known, is easier to warn illness, than to cure, therefore doctors recommend following preventive actions:

Observe hygiene of an oral cavity and teeth,
Regularly pass surveys at the stomatologist,
Avoid the use of aggressive food, hot spices,
Do not abuse smoking and alcohol.

Forecasts at

At timely and effective treatment illness is reversible, the forecast is favorable. in a return case can lead to development of a tumour of language and serious difficulty of breath.

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