... than people before tooth-paste occurrence brushed teeth?

The ashes, the stones pounded in a powder, pounded glass, the wool impregnated with honey, charcoal, plaster, roots of some plants, pitch, cocoa grains, salt.

In the beginning of xix century as a cleaner began to apply a chalk pounded in a powder in which added vegetative extracts or essence. powders were popular long enough, they and can be met today in drugstores though for a long time already it is known that because of the big abrasivity they erase enamel of teeth.

The first tooth-paste representing a mix of a cretaceous powder with in weight, has appeared in xix century in 1847 of paste began to pack into tubes, and they have got appearance habitual to modern consumers.

Ayr the middle ages became not the best time for stomatologiccleanliness of thoughts appeared the main priority, essentially having pressed cleanliness of a body, including oral cavities. sounds awfully, but europeans did not brush teeth during several hundreds years, excluding, truth, the higher estate: for them abrasive powders and special rinsings with an anise prepared. in england since xv century bradobrei-surgeons were engaged in treatment and removal of teeth. they applied solutions to removal of a scale on the basis of nitric acid, at the same time with a stone dissolving and teeth. improbably, but this method of treatment have counted become outdated only in a xviii-th century!Смотри порно массаж мужику.|главная порно чат без смс.

In 1674 the dutch inventor antony levenguk has made simultaneously two outstanding opening. it has opened the world of microbes and a way of destruction of this world in own mouths by means of salt. once under a lens of the microscope invented by it there was a washout from its own teeth, teeming with small beings. having wiped teeth a rag with salt, on new washout of microbes he has not found out. after that it has given itself(himself) pledge till the end of life to brush teeth with salt. and has lived levenguk 93 years.

Europeans, having been ashamed of own slovenliness, have hastened to follow the lead of the scientist. by this moment russia already observed of europe through the opened window. it is necessary to tell that Teeth at us cleaned always. even in the farthest corners habit To brush teeth has been since ancient times got by birch coal. in a powder it did not pound for lack of tooth-brushes the coal piece incurred also its functions. after toothbrushing it was accepted to freshen an oral cavity, chewing a mint leaf (fresh in the summer, dried in the winter) which, except pleasant aroma, possesses also antibacterial action. in northern areas mint often replaced with coniferous plants: a larch, a fir, a cedar. and today in siberia application of house extracts from pine nuts with a view of preventive maintenance is popular enough.


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