a tooth-powder and tooth soap

Having acquainted with culture by care of an oral cavity, people have quickly understood what to possess healthy, pure teeth it is much more pleasant, than to have rotten (or not to have them at all). medical faculties have started to prepare experts in the field of stomatology, and inquisitive minds zealously undertook improvement of system of preventive maintenance of tooth illnesses.

As the founder of hygiene of an oral cavity by right consider pierre foshara, the well-known parisian stomatologist treating teeth to louis xv and the marchioness pompadur, deni diderot and jean jacque russo.

In 1723 foshar has written work on stomatology in which the whole chapter has devoted to preventive maintenance. in it he advised daily to clear teeth of the rests of food by means of a sea sponge, including its material for these purposes much more suitable, than hairs of wool of a badger. the brushes which have gained distribution from these hairs were too soft.

The tooth-powder most approached to modern, for the first time has appeared in the end of a xviii-th century in great britain. the provided people used a special brush for its drawing, poor men did it by means of fingers. but in spite of the fact that powders were made by professionals of medicine, they often contained excessively abrasive substances which could harm to teeth: the brick dust, the crushed porcelain and clay splinters. to make these means more pleasant on taste, in tooth-powders began to add glycerine. later the recipe of powders has been changed they began to be made of elements of type of the coal powder, the crushed bark andfor example a strawberry extract. as making foam means used a powder drills.нудизм|Very Young Girls Models, all

In 1824 into use it has been entered so-called Tooth soap. it consisted of a chalk, neutral soap and mint oil and it was convenient enough in application. but that it adversely influenced fabrics of gums, has demanded to find replacement and to it. having promoted in hygiene questions, tidy public demanded improvements. at last, in 1850th years john harris has suggested to use a chalk for manufacturing of tooth-powders. to impact to powders pleasant relish, druggists added the crushed medicinal grasses, fruits or flowers (a sage, a violet, cinnamon, etc.)after them have replaced with essence.
Powders for short time have satisfied public, however it has appeared that Because of the large sizes of an abrasive they erase tooth enamel. besides, in due course property of a powder to stick together and because of contact with a tooth-brush began to irritate the consumer.

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